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Danny Myler is an extraordinarily talented German singer / songwriter with a big heart full of country music, who began her musical journey at a young age.


She picked up her first guitar and was taught to play at the age of ten, followed by piano three years later.

At 13, she formed her first band, a punk rock group, and wrote all songs herself.


When she hit 14, she struck gold by winning a national songwriting contest and was honored at Koblenz castle.

Danny's musical journey led her through various genres, including rock, pop, soul, funk, and heavy metal. However, it was country music that truly resonated with her.

Despite her involvement in rock and metal bands, she felt unfulfilled. The genre didn't provide the creative freedom she craved, and the music scene's gender bias was disheartening.


Then, the pandemic rolled in, and for the first time, she sat herself down and truly thought about her identity as an artist. She decided to go solo and pour her heart into the music she'd always dreamed of.

A fortuitous encounter with the producers of Hexagon Studio and Tonbude sealed her fate, and they embarked on the creation of an exceptional modern country album together.

Danny set her sights on changing' the minds of the good folks in Germany when it came to country music, a genre that was often overlooked. And built a bridge to the distinctive Nashville Sound she gained in her past experiences in the US.

With that production team by her side, it's like they're reading each other's minds during studio work, in a good way, she says. The Team also took musicians from Nashville to create the typical country music atmosphere with original instruments like Pedal Steel, Dobro or Banjo.

They're cookin' up a mighty fine modern country album together, set to hit the international scene in October 2023, and they've got a tour in the works to spread the word. Y'all better keep an eye out for this country firecracker!

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